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Design-Build Solutions

Our Licensed Building Practitioners work closely with experienced architects and engineers to provide full design-and-build packages. This saves you money in both the design and construction process when you involve a builder in the early stages as it ensures a smooth and effective construction journey from concept to completion.


As Licensed Building Practitioners, we can be an integral part of the design phase at the Resource stage through to the Building Consent stage, ensuring that the design can be built in a cost-effective way with added value engineering. We the team understand the build from a conceptual point-of-view and through to construction, and can save the developer time and money through our specialist construction methodology.

This design-build partnership between NZ Concrete Structures and its nominated subconsultants will streamline the design-build process.

Our construction package is based on a tried-and-tested on-site manufacturing process of concrete.


Our product can also be assembled off-site allowing flexibility, with the main focus being quality and timeliness.

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